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November 27, 2023

Chinese Company Made Copy Of Land Cruiser LC300

Chinese manufacturer KULUZE has adopted the Toyota Land Cruiser LC300’s front end as inspiration for a small SUV.

According to sources, the Chinese automaker BAIC is developing a knockoff version of the Toyota Land Cruiser LC300, a popular SUV model. The outward design of the BAIC BJ300 is claimed to be similar to that of the Land Cruiser LC300, with slight variations in elements such as the grille and headlights.

It is crucial to emphasise, however, that the manufacture and selling of counterfeit vehicles is a contentious business that raises concerns about intellectual property rights and fair competition. Toyota has not officially commented on the BAIC BJ300, but if they believe their intellectual property has been violated, they may take legal action.

It should also be noted that copycat automobiles are not a new occurrence in China or other parts of the world, and there are frequent arguments regarding the legality and ethics of this approach.

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